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"Investigates to death" Home Owners, kills cats,
and tears down their house.

A boarded-up house has only one effect,
it devalues all other properties
can't sell, can't rent.

Take a kinder gentler approach!
DEAD CATS! In my property inspections, I discovered CODE ENFORCEMENT boarding-up houses trapping live animals inside, the animals have no way out, they die and decay in the home. Some cats are left alone outside the home with no where to go. I brought this dead cat concern to CODE ENFORCEMENT Melissa Wittstruck attention, she reported, "there's nothing she can do about it, it's the homeowners fault" end quote. However, today only after my initial PRESS RELEASE complaint, CODE ENFORCEMENT now includes animal control to sweep the house before boarding-up.

I discovered from the neighbors reports, CODE ENFORCEMENT , broke windows and drove a tractor on the lawn digging six inch rivets removing top soil earth, and charged the property owner placing a "forced tax lien". I complained to CODE ENFORECEMENT neighborhood "cop shop", I was explained "the house deserved it." end quote.

How has this happened?
Banks duped people to lie "stated income" an amount it is not, Banks then sell "securitizing" bundling mortgage note on Wall Street, Mortgage Electronic Recording Service, (MERS) was recently ORDERED in court illegal in violation to the WA DEED OF TRUST ACT, see: Bains VS MERS. Ms. Bains in King County prevailed.

These home owners who were duped into the MERS Wall Street scheme, but they can't pay the mortgage because they never had the ability to pay, just because you state (lie) your income to qualify doesn't mean you got the money to pay.

The banks scheme fails, that caused a recession, and now the home value goes down, and now the property is "under water" "over mortgaged", no one will either buy and/or pay repair costs to the property for more than market value.

CODE ENFORCEMENT Melissa Winnstruck. advised one home owner free legal advise, "not to worry, she seen banks just walk away". So the homeowner walks away from their property believing it's okay to walk away. Then squatters break into the property, the neighborhood calls police, and CODE ENFORCEMENT then boards up the house, deteriorating the entire neighborhood.

My approach is to find a solution, "occupy and repair", communicate with the owner, inspect, prepare a rehab plan, turn on utilities, and occupy the property is the best security verses boarding-up inviting squatters to come and remove a board and re-enter.

My Story
I moved back to Spokane on November 2013. I purchased a home in the Spokane West Central District. At closing we discovered the property was violated by CODE ENFORCEMENT, the home was not boarded up, we had no idea of the violation until the closing agent performed a title search. Then we learned CODE ENFORCEMENT ORDERED the house demolished a year prior, however, CODE ENFORCEMEN stated the City did not have the funds so the home was not demolished. I have four children, two attending Holmes elementary. Direct across the street were two abandoned homes, one boarded-up. I contacted the owners, and made arrangements to occupy and rehab both properties, as I had a grave concern for the boarded up house so close across the street of Holmes Elementary my children are attending..

Since, several other property owners have contacted me wanting property inspection to initiate a rehab plan.

I contacted CODE ENFORCEMENT suggesting planning instead boarding-up houses, that each property be repaired billing the property as a tax lien on that house. My request was agreed would work but refused by CODE ENFORCEMENT.

Further investigating researching for the root cause why these properties are abandoned by the owners, I found 42 houses in Spokane City had MERS listed as the beneficiary on the DEED OF TRUST. The houses I'm involved, each have MERS mortgages.

I discovered, the Holmes Elementary house was initially complained because squatters were breaking in, the neighbors called 911, police came kicked out squatters, CODE ENFORCEMENT boarded up the house, and violated the house as "calamity and nuisance." I contacted the home owner, made the house livable, DSHS approved it for children, I removed the CODE ENFORCEMENT boards and secured the house from further calamity and nuisance, it is no longer a calamity or nuisance, and there are no further neighborhood concerns and complaints. Yet, the CODE ENFORCEMENT finds additional violations, the paint is peeling so the house is still in violation because of peeling paint, "investigating the house to death." Have you seen the Spokane West Central area? It's the first historical neighborhood in Spokane, built in 1900 as the railroad came to Spokane. There are many houses with peeling paint but not in any violation. Yet CODE ENFORCEMENT takes this property and decides what is cosmetically unacceptable, and continues with violations even though that was not the initial complaint.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICE protocol is an investigator, Melissa Winnstruck, she visits the property and makes her report to the Building Official who never inspected onsite my property, Building Official only determines from the investigators report taking Melissa Winnstruck at her word finding the property in continued violation because of "cosmetic reasoning."

However, if the property is a Bank foreclosure, CODE ENFORCEMENT is very forgiving to the Bank, why?

On August 2015, I submitted a PRESS RELEASE to Melissa Winnstruck, to no avail.

My concern is three fold:
1. Boarding-up the house is placing the neighborhood at risk.
2. "Investigating the property to death" is not resolving the conflict. We need to reach out to help the home owner, not react.
3. We should focuse the root cause why properties are being abandoned, causing a recession devaluation of property. Charging the Bank taking advantage of new first time home owners who cannot afford the property. Fraudulent MERS is already COURT ORDERED to be illegal in violation of the WA State Deed Of Trust Act, the COURT stated: MERS is a Consumer Protection Act complaint. SEE Bains vs MERS
Melissa Wittstruck
Does Code Enforcement Beautify Spokane?
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